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Holly, Lisa, and Wayne Hoglund

In 2006, Wayne and Lisa Hoglund, alongside their daughter, Holly Hoglund Klein, opened Hoglund Body & Equipment in Corcoran, Minnesota. The company started with a team of 7 members operating out of a 6,000 square foot facility. By September 2010, we relocated to Monticello, Minnesota, expanding into a 33,000 square foot facility and growing our workforce to over 20 employees.

In March of 2023, we aquired a second location in Monticello, Minnesota, spanning over 17,000 square feet, conveniently located near our main location. Improvements and adjustments were made to the facility to optimize space for efficient body repair work. In July 2023, repairs began at this secondary location.

Throughout our journey, our core focus remains the same - delivering superior repairs and service to our valued customers. From the initial estimate to the final delivery, our skilled and certified technicians work diligently to refurbish and restore vehicles and equipment. Whether it's minor fixes or comprehensive structural overhauls, Hoglund Body & Equipment remains your trusted one-stop destination for all of your repair needs.

Mission Statement

To assist our customers in achieving their goals by providing outstanding commercial vehicle body repairs at a competitive cost.

Culture Statement

To strive for excellence in our service and repairs, build positive relationships with customers and team members, and challenge ourselves to continuously improve as an organization.