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Frame Repair

If you're experiencing frame damage after an accident, Hoglund Body & Equipment is the perfect place to bring your vehicle! With our new state-of-the-art, Josam frame rack, we have the capability to repair frames of commercial-sized vehicles and get you back on the road safely.

Damage to the frame of a vehicle usually happens as a result of a collision. The severity of the damage generally depends on the type of accident you were in, where on the vehicle the impact occurred, and the force of the impact. Our trained technicians and estimators have the expertise and tools to identify and make the necessary repairs to ensure your vehicle is repaired to pre-accident condition. 


Here's what it looks like when vehicles are hooked up to our frame rack system!










We installed our Josam frame rack in 2022. After installation, we had an expert come on-site to train our technicians to ensure the best repair possible for our customers.

The process of installing our frame rack was to assemble and weld the frame rail pieces together. We then had to cut and remove the original cement floor in order to install the frame rails. After that, concrete was poured to make the frame rail stationary while also ensuring the frame rails remained level.

Once our frame rack was installed, a trainer from Josam came to our site and trained our technicans on how to properly hook up a vehicle to the machines, how to read the diagnostics, and how to properly ensure the repair is done correctly.

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