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With the use of our over 60-foot sandblast booth we can renew the look of your equipment, no matter the size! Whether your equipment has undergone wear and tear over the years, or you bought equipment used and you want it to look its best, Hoglund Body & Equipment's experienced technicians will give your equipment new life!

Sandblasting is a technique used to remove paint, rust or other residues from a surface, typically metal. High-pressure air is used to propel a stream of abrasive particles at a target, effectively cleaning the surface of all contaminants. This is often done in preparation of new paint or to smooth the surface of the material.


A look inside our sandblast booth:


The photo on the left is two containers that were sandblasted to be prepped for painting. The container in the back of the photo was sandblasted and the container in the front was not sandblasted yet.

The photo on the right is a trailer that was sandblasted to remove the rust so it could be painted. From here, the trailer went to the paint booth to be primed and then painted.

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